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Sermons Available

Wednesday Nights & Special Events

  Seek First the Kingdom of God
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 7-16-2017

  God's Witness Protection Program
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 7-9-2017

  The Fear of the Lord
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 6-25-2017

  Godly wisdom, Fatherly advice
by: Ron Graff, 6-18-2017

  One word from God will open closed doors
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 6-11-2017

  Clothed with Power from on High
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 6-4-2017

  Why are you so surprised?
by: Jeremy Gall, 5-28-2017

  Ohio Teen Challenge
with Pastor Bob Pavlich, 5-21-2017

  Eight Keys to handle life's Storms
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 7-12-2017

  A Testimony
by: Alexis Jackson, 7-12-2017

  The Big Trouble with a Little Lot
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 7-5-2017

  What do I do while I'm still here?
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 6-28-2017

  Stepping into your miracle
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 6-21-2017

  You are Precious to Him
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 6-7-2017

  Why are You still on the Fence?
by: Susan Morrison, 5-31-2017

  My sheep will hear my voice
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 5-24-2017


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