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Sunday Mornings

Wednesday Nights & Special Events

  Give HIM your Whole Heart
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 7-15-2018

  Something Good is coming after This
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 7-8-2018

  We Need each Other
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 7-1-2018

  Three things to Reach the Lost
by: Pastor Mary Hall. 6-24-2018

  Sharing the Father's Heart
by: Pastor Walter Moss, 6-17-2018

  On the Other side of Nothing
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 6-10-2018

  My Praise!
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 6-3-2018

  Youth Sunday
by: The Youth Group of FACC, 5-27-2018

  Blessing by Asking
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 8-8-2018

  Blessing & Prosperity
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 8-1-2018

  The truth about Trails
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 7-18-2018

  Your going Somewhere
by: Pastor Bobby Hogan, 7-11-2018

  You talkin' to Me?
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 5-30-2018

  Who Do You Serve?
by: Parrish Thomas, 5-16-2018

  Its all about Jesus
by: Pastor Shawn Archer, 4-29-2018

  Building Christian Character
by: Pastor Mary Hall, 4-18-2018


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